Mitigate Stress and Strengthen Relationships During a Crisis

Round 2

July 7, 14, 21, 28 - 4 PM Egypt / 5 PM KSA

Is social distancing starting to stress you out?
Have you been noticing a bit more conflict in your relationships at home?
Are you finding new challenges in keeping productivity levels high as a LEADER?
Is the stress of a global pandemic negatively impacting your relationships?
If you say yes to any of the questions above, this webinar is for You!

This webinar is a set of four modules designed to help a large range of people who want to face the interpersonal challenges brought on by the spread of Covid-19 and the necessary steps taken to fight it. We can all see the new working style that is taking place and how much stress and anxiety it comes with. We are all familiar now with the stress and anxiety that comes from social distancing, shelter-at-home, and adapting to telework and distance-learning from home.

One module per week, in between, participants are encouraged to continue communicating outside of the weekly webinar and give feedback to each other. BCon has 56 years of experience in this field, and some of BCon's best consultants will be facilitating your learning throughout this webinar.

Content: When we stop blaming ourselves and others, we open up a whole new set of options. In Module 1 we look at the vicious cycle of blame. Via survey you recognize tendencies and identify defensive strategies and understand how we can change them.
Pedagogy: One hour webinar followed by action learning.
Date: Tuesday July 7
Time: 4 PM CLT - 5 PM KSA

Content: Changed habits lead to changed selves. Self-concept we control through the choices we make. In Module 2 we talk self-esteem, the three basic emotions, and strategic breathing techniques (SBT) to control stress and better manage outcomes.
Pedagogy: One hour webinar followed by action learning.
Date: Tuesday July 14
Time: 4 PM CLT - 5 PM KSA

Content: Blame is often confused for responsibility. With blame there is punishment, but with responsibility there is power. Power to make different choices. In Module 3 we learn how Levels of Listening reflect our Openness. When we are open we can exercise the Power of Truth.
Pedagogy:One hour webinar followed by action learning.
Date: Tuesday July 21
Time: 4 PM CLT - 5 PM KSA

Content: With a heightened awareness of ourselves and the choices we make, we become powerful communicators. In Module 4 we tackle the Behavioral Preferences of ourselves and the people in our lives. We take Preference surveys and develop clear and productive Communication Strategies that will make us stronger leaders at work, better partners at home, and enable us to create and maintain rewarding relationships.
Pedagogy:One hour webinar followed by action learning.
Date: Tuesday July 28
Time: 4 PM CLT - 5 PM KSA


Learn new tools/skills that enable you to thrive in times of stress and change
Take surveys to better understand yourself for better Self-Management
Improve your communication style socially and professionally
Have the opportunity to express yourself and ask specific questions about what you are learning
Be given the space and time to practice what you’re learning in your daily life and grow in collaboration with the community you create during the webinar


People who:
Want to strengthen their relationships at home and at work
Want to develop their skills in leading/managing their teams through crisis
Want to develop the self-awareness to manage loneliness and times of stress
Want the tools to bring their best selves to work everyday