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Paradigm Learning is one of the top recognized Learning & Gamification organizations worldwide. Paradigm Learning is recognized by top Learning & Development institutes as: ATD, TrainingIndustry.com, Leadership 500 & more. It provided training to most of the fortunate 500
companies, training more than 1.5 million learners across the world. The story of Paradigm Learning started in the early 90’s in the United States

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The Game of Business Finance & Strategy


Is a sophisticated simulation disguised as a board game — a fast-paced, energizing and engaging way to build business acumen.

Participants take the role of new owners of a struggling company and make critical operating decisions, seeing how their individual actions impact the bottom line and financial success.

The simulation is followed by the connections session which through insightful exercises, allows participants to create the bridge between their classroom experience and their real-time work environments.


Impact 5®

The Business of Leadership Game


Is a sophisticated management training game in the form of a board game that provides a framework for leadership focus and decision-making?

Working in small teams, learners take the role of new managers at a fictitious company. They struggle with talent issues, make complex decisions about interdepartmental relationships, and balance the tactical with the strategic. They get blindsided. They regroup. They analyze. They take action.


Neon Buzz®

Lighting up Organizational Performance


NEON BUZZ is the organizational performance game with the 101 learning objectives; it tackles performance, leadership, teamwork, creativity, critical thinking, personal accountability and more.

Learners become employees of a dysfunctional company & are challenged to increase production of circuit boards that meet quality standards and customer requirements.

Over three working quarters, they’ll get to follow, explore, and challenge to reach the targeted objectives.



A Strategy Game For Project Teams


Paradigm Learning, creator of the widely used Zodiak®: The Game of Business Finance and Strategy, teamed with leading experts in project management to create the first discovery learning experience for project teams.

Countdown was developed in collaboration with ESI International, the nation’s leading project management training and consulting firm with more than 150,000 participants in 50 countries around the world. Nicholas Schacht, ESI president, comments, “Countdown is the most innovative way to give your team a thorough grounding in project management!”



The Art of Talent Leadership


Mosaic was developed with input from our Fortune 500 clients to address contemporary talent leadership issues

Using visual communications tools, energizing activities, and working in small teams, participants will get to explore a realistic case study that develops insights around talent acquisition and retention issues.